Popov Manor House

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Popov Manor House
Native name
Ukrainian: Садиба Попова
Садиба Попова у місті Василівка Запорізької області.jpg
TypeManor house
LocationVasylivka, Zaporizhia Oblast
Coordinates47°26′45″N 35°16′30″E / 47.44583°N 35.27500°E / 47.44583; 35.27500Coordinates: 47°26′45″N 35°16′30″E / 47.44583°N 35.27500°E / 47.44583; 35.27500
Area2.87 ha (7.1 acres)
FounderVasiliy Popov
Original useFamily manor house
Current useHistorical museum
Architectnot established
Architectural style(s)Moorish architecture, Gothic Revival architecture, others
Governing bodyVasylivka Historical and Architectural Museum-Reserve
OwnerGovernment of Ukraine
Official name: Vasylivka Historical and Architectural Museum-Reserve Popov Manor House
Designated29 January 1993
Popov Manor House is located in Ukraine
Popov Manor House
Location of Popov Manor House in Ukraine

The Vasylivka Historical and Architectural Museum-Reserve "Popov Manor House" (also known as Vasylivka Castle) is an established museum complex at a partly preserved manor house built between 1864 and 1884 near the town of Vasylivka, Ukraine by Vasili Popov Jr. (a grandson of General Vasili Stepanovich Popov).

The historical and cultural reserve was created on 29 January 1993 in place of the existing Vasylivka museum of local history.[1]

Manor House[edit]

Its Gothic Revival design is attributed to Nicholas Benois. The main house had a telescope, a picture gallery, and an ethnographic museum. The castle was looted by the Bolsheviks and ruined by the Germans in the Second World War. Restoration works did not start until the 1990s.


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