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In the Middle Ages, the territory of the Popovo field by the Trebišnjica, the northern part of the Ljubinje area, and the southern part of Bobani, was part of the župa (county) of Popovo ([pɔ̌pɔʋɔ]) which was located in the Hum province. The county bordered with Primorje county to the south, Trebinje area to the east, Dabar and Dubrave counties to the north, and Žaba county to the west. The Primorje county was later occupied by the Republic of Ragusa.

In the area of the Popovo county, the most notable nobility were the Nikolići, and their subjects Brlići, Ivanovići and Krasomirići. The location of the main fortress, Popovski, has not been found. The cultural center of the county was in Zavala. The most important settlements in the Popovo county were Dračevo, Žakovo, Čvaljina, Velja Međa, Ravno, Orahov Do, Sedlari, Poljice, Golubinac, Drijenjani, Grepci, Vršće, Dubljani, Površ, Kotezi and Veličani. The main occupation of the inhabitants were agriculture and animal husbandry. The vicinity of Dubrovnik facilitated the enduring orientation of domestic labor in the coastal area.


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