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Poppleton is the main character in a series of children's books written by American author Cynthia Rylant. The stories follow a pig named Poppleton who moves from the city to a small town and enjoys humorous adventures with his friends and neighbors. This series is marketed to children ages 5 to 9.[1][2][3] Poppleton was the mascot for American Library Association's 1997 reading campaign.[4]


  • Poppleton - A pig who has recently moved to the country from the city
  • Cherry Sue- A llama who lives next door to Poppleton and appears more frequently than any other minor character
  • Filmore- A goat who is Poppleton's neighbor.
  • Hudson- A mouse that is living close by to Poppleton.
  • Zacko- A ferret who is Poppleton's friend and works at a coat store.
  • Marsha- Poppleton's friend who works at a bike store.
  • Gus- A turtle who is the mail carrier
  • Patrick- A finch who inadvertently knocked down Poppleton's icicles. Poppleton was gravely dismayed but Patrick had the ingenious idea to build something with the icicles. After all their hardwork, they enjoyed a candlelit dinner together.

Books in the series[edit]

All published by Blue Sky Press

  • Poppleton (1997). ISBN 0-590-84783-X.
  • Poppleton And Friends (1997). ISBN 0-590-84788-0.
  • Poppleton Forever (1998). ISBN 0-590-84844-5.
  • Poppleton Everyday (1998). ISBN 0-590-84853-4.
  • Poppleton In Fall (1999). ISBN 0-590-84794-5.
  • Poppleton In Spring (1999). ISBN 0-590-84822-4.
  • Poppleton Has Fun (2000). ISBN 0-590-84841-0.
  • Poppleton In Winter (2001). ISBN 0-590-84838-0.

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