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Pops cantilever.jpg
The cantilever roof extending over the forecourt.
Restaurant information
Slogan Food, Fuel, Fizz
Established August 6, 2007 (2007-08-06)
Current owner(s) Aubrey McClendon
Food type American
Dress code Casual
Street address 660 W. Route 66
City Arcadia
County Oklahoma City
State Oklahoma
Coordinates 35°39′31″N 97°20′06″W / 35.658608°N 97.335134°W / 35.658608; -97.335134Coordinates: 35°39′31″N 97°20′06″W / 35.658608°N 97.335134°W / 35.658608; -97.335134
Other locations Nichols Hills, Oklahoma[1]
Website pops66.com
Pops "Giant Soda Bottle"
Pops sign in Arcadia.jpg
Pops roadside sign
Type Roadside attraction
Location Arcadia, Oklahoma
Height 66 feet (20 m)
Built 2007 (2007)
Architect Rand Elliott
Website route66.com/38.0.html

Pops restaurant in Arcadia, Oklahoma is a modern roadside attraction on Route 66. Using a theme of soda pop, it is marked by a giant neon sign in the shape of a soda pop bottle. The glass walls of the restaurant are decorated with shelves of soda pop bottles, arranged by beverage color. These bottles are for sale as-is, or may be purchased cold from the huge refrigerator at the western end.

Opened in 2007, the restaurant's structure incorporates a cantilevered truss extending 100 feet over the gas pumps and parking area in the forecourt.

The roadside sign is 66 feet tall and weighs 4 tons. The height is a reference to the historic highway beside which it is situated. Although apparently constructed from neon tubes, it is actually lit by LEDs, which provide a spectacular light show each night.

The establishment was owned by the late Oklahoman oil and gas magnate Aubrey McClendon and was designed by the noted architecture firm Elliott + Associates Architects. Pops has won several architectural awards.[2][3]

In 2016 a second location was opened in Nichols Hills, Oklahoma incorporating the idea of the original location, but with a modern design. Although the glass walls are also decorated with shelves of bottles, arranged by color, bottles are only for sale from the refrigerator. Unlike the first location, this location also features a wide variety of candy and sweets.

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