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Popspoken's Horizontal Logo.png
Type of site
Culture news publication
Available inEnglish
EditorKyle Malinda-White, Skii
Launched29 March 2011

Popspoken is an online culture news publication founded on 29 March 2011. The publication covers Singapore, Asian and international entertainment and lifestyle news, both for consumer and insider audiences.


Popspoken was set up as a blog on 29 March 2011. It was one of Singapore's first independent, multi-writer commentary blogs.[1]

Notable Content[edit]

Baey Yam Keng's selfies[edit]

Popspoken ran a listicle on Member of Parliament (MP) Baey Yam Keng being one of the first MPs to set up an Instagram account filled with selfies of the politician.[2] The publication was name-checked by Singapore broadsheet daily The Straits Times in a reaction piece.[3] and other publications.[4]

1 World Music Festival cancellation[edit]

Popspoken ran a story on the reasons behind the cancellation of the 1 World Music Festival, a music festival that was slated to be held during the 2013 Formula 1 weekend in Singapore but was cancelled at the last minute. The story series contained reports from industry insiders and those working for the festival.[5]

Although rumours of artistes being promoted before they were invited were quashed by organisers,[6] other reports on ticketing and licensing issues were picked up by various publications.[7][8][9]

Popspoken ran an exclusive report on accusations of embezzlement, after a tip-off linked a Phuket party gone wrong[10] to the 1 World fiasco, in which the source revealed that both events were chaired by the same person. The name of the staff member was not revealed in the Popspoken report.


Popspoken is syndicated to Yahoo!'s Singapore imprint. It was formerly syndicated on Singapore broadsheet daily The Straits Times's entertainment website ST Communities as well as on Singtel's Newsloop mobile news app.


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