Popular Assembly

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Popular Assembly
Asamblea Popular
Founded April 21, 2006
Headquarters Montevideo, Uruguay
Ideology Communism
Left-wing populism
Political position Far-left
Colors Red
Chamber of Deputies
1 / 99

The Popular Assembly (Spanish: Asamblea Popular) is a socialist electoral coalition in Uruguay.


The party was founded in April 2006, as a more left-wing alternative to the Broad Front.[1] It is supported by the Revolutionary Communist Party of Uruguay, the Humanist Party of Uruguay and other left-wing groups, including several former local organisation of the Broad Left. In 2008, it gained the support of the March 26 Movement.[2]

The party's best known members include former Senator Helios Sarthou, and political activist Raúl Rodríguez. The group stood Rodriguez in the 2009 presidential election. He took 0.67% of the vote, while the party took 0.66% in the parliamentary elections and did not win any seats.[3]

2014 elections[edit]

Popular Assembly took part in the 2014 Uruguayan general elections under the denomination Popular Unity. The party won their first seat in the House of Deputies.


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