Popular Construction

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Popular Construction
Cantiere Popolare
Leader Francesco Saverio Romano
Founded 4 January 2012
Ideology Regionalism
Liberal conservatism
Christian democracy
Political position Centre-right
National affiliation Forza Italia (associate)
International affiliation None
Chamber of Deputies
1 / 630
(in Forza Italia)
0 / 315
Sicilian Regional Assembly
1 / 90

Popular Construction (Cantiere Popolare, CP) is a small centre-right federation of parties in Sicily.

The Populars of Italy Tomorrow (PID), a Christian-democratic party based in Sicily which emerged in 2010 by a split from the Union of Christian and Centre Democrats (UDC), is the coalition's main component. Other members include Popular Action (AP), the Christian Movement of Workers (MCL) and the Extended Christian Pact (PACE).[1] In the 2012 Sicilian regional election CP won 5.9% of the vote and 4 regional deputies.[2]

In 2013 PID–Popular Construction became an associate party of Forza Italia.[3][4]


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