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Popular Future (Futuro Popolare, FP) was a Christian-democratic political party in Italy, based in Veneto.

In May 2012 Stefano Valdegamberi, floor leader of the Union of the Centre (UdC) in the Regional Council of Veneto, left his party in protest with the regional and national leadership. In the Council, he joined forces with another UdC splinter, Raffaele Grazia, and a dissident of Italy of Values (IdV), Gustavo Franchetto, in order to form Popular Future.[1][2] The new party was joined also by Giampaolo Fogliardi, who had been a deputy of the Democratic Party (PD) until February 2013.[3]

In the 2015 regional election Valdegamberi stood as a candidate in Luca Zaia's personal list[4] and was re-elected handily in the provincial constituency of Verona,[5] while Grazia and Franchetto did not stand for re-election. The experience of FP was thus concluded with its merger into the Zaia's camp.


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