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Popular Medical College & Hospital
Established 2010
Type Private
Location House No. 25, Road No. 2, Dhanmondi, Dhaka, Bangladesh
Campus Modern
Nickname PMC
Website pmch-bd.org

General information[edit]

Year of the Establishment: 2010.

Course Offered: MBBS.

Academic Year: January to July next year, 2011

Class Hours: 8.00 A.M. to 2.30 P.M (May be changed as and when necessary).

Affiliation: The College is Affiliated with University of Dhaka.[1]

Administration: Principal is the Head of the college administration. He is advised and assisted by the Academic council in all academic matters.

Finance:Expenses of establishment is born by the entrepreneur. Subsequently the college will run on self-financing and non-profit basis.

It is one of the top medical college of Bangladesh.[2]

Contact Information[edit]

Location : House No. 25, Road No. 2, Dhanmondi, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Email = info@pmch-bd.org

Telephone = +88(02)9669301-5, +88029675611, +88(02)9675633, +8801754649254, +880193811057.

website = pmch-bd.org


1st Principle : Prof. Dr. T.I.M. Abdullah Al Faruk


Popular Medical College offers a five-year Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) course as approved by the Bangladesh Medical and Dental Council, leading to MBBS degree of the University of Dhaka and one year's internship training at Popular Medical College Hospital. The academic session runs from July to June each year.

Popular Medical College has been accorded:

Permission by the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Government of the Peoples' Republic of Bangladesh Affiliation by the University of Dhaka Recognition by the Bangladesh Medical & Dental Council (BM&DC). Listing in International Medical Education Directory (IMED), FAIMER, which will enable its graduates to appear at ECFMG and other entrance examinations abroad.


Pre-clinical :

1) Department of Anatomy

2) Department of Physiology

3) Department of Biochemistry

Para-clinical :

1) Department of Pathology

2) Department of Microbiology

3) Department of Pharmacology

4) Department of Forensic Medicine

5) Department of Community Medicine

Clinical :

1) Department of Surgery

2) Department of Medicine

3) Department of Gynecology & Obstetrics

4) Department of Pediatrics

5) Department of Cardiology

6) Department of Skin & V.D.

7) Department of Ophthalmology

8) Department of E.N.T.

9) Department of Orthopedics & Traumatology

10) Department of Neuromedicine

11) Department of Physical Medicine

12) Department of Plastic Surgery

13) Department of Neurosurgery

14) Department of Radiology & Imaging

15) Department of Clinical Immunology

16) Department of Gastroenterology

17) Department of Anaesthesiology

18) Department of Pediatrics Surgery

19) Department of Oral & Maxilofacilal Surgery

20) Department of Dentistry

21) Department of Psychiatry

Department of Anatomy[edit]

Official Link [3]

Course offered:

Department of anatomy offers 650 hours course during the first three terms ( 1½ years) of MBBS course.

Course description:

Anatomy deals with the study of structure of body. Human anatomy express the structures of the pursue their related disposition by dissections. Surface anatomy & radiological anatomy with improved imaging technique (x-ray, ultrasonography, Ct scan, MRI etc.) apply the knowledge from dissection of dead bodies to the living individuals, which has become important for clinical studies. Embryology & genetics depicts the intra uterine development of human embryos and fetuses. It attempts to explore factors responsible for growth and differentiation of tissue and organs and causes occasional malformations. Histology deals with normal ultra structure of organs and later on are compared with pathological status for the differentiation between the normal and abnormal. Clinical anatomy practice for helping clinicians for reaching correct diagnosis and apply remedial measure.


At the end of the course in anatomy, the students shall be able to:

Equip themselves with knowledge for understanding the structural components of the body responsible for carrying out normal functions.

Use the above knowledge to understand and appreciate the others subjects taught in the pre-clinical, para-clinical and clinical courses.

Use the knowledge of anatomy to understand the basis of common clinical conditions and carry out basic research on various fields of anatomy.

Department of Community Medicine[edit]

[4] Course for Undergraduate Medical Students of Bangladesh


Part I (Phase-1) – Course Contents

Concept of Community Medicine and Health & Disease Behavioral Science Bio statistics Health Education National & International Health.

Part II (Phase-2) – Course Contents

Epidemiology Epidemiology of Common Health Problems Public Health Nutrition MCH-FP Immunity & disinfection Demography Entomology Environmental Health Occupational Health Primary Health Care & Public Health Administration Disaster

Departmental Objectives of Community Medicine:

The objective of teaching by the Department of Community Medicine is to produce basic doctors towards fulfilment of community health needs of the country.

To achieve this department will provide medical students with learning experiences:

1. For comprehensive health care, 2. To develop insight into concept and practice of primary health care and essential services package. 3. For carrying out epidemiological studies for community health problems, 4. In organizing and practicing health education program in the community, 5. For developing appropriate attitude to deal with common health problems, 6. To work as a member of health team, 7. To participate in national health programs.

Department of Physiology[edit]

Department of Physiology is filled with various equipment for the student to study. The teachers are also very qualified.

Official Link [5]

Department of Biochemistry[edit]

[6] Biochemistry department has a research lab and a clinical biochemistry laboratory. It also has a lab in the hospital where different types of investigation of patients are performed. This department is equipped with auto analyser, semi auto analyser and other latest and sophisticated equipments required to perform tests.


Admission will be on merit and shall follow the same criteria as prescribed by the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare and Bangladesh Medical and Dental Council.

Eligibility: Candidates will be Bangladeshi and of Science Group with Physics, Chemistry and Biology at

HSC/A  level, have Passed:
      a) SSC 2003 & HSC 2005/SSC 2002 & HSC 2004 with a minimum combined GPA of 7.0 & individual 
          GPA of 3.0. 
      b) Equivalent 'O' and `A' level examinations Candidates should submit equivalence certificate from 
           Directorate General of Health Services, Govt. of Bangladesh.

Free Studentship 50% waiver of development fee and full waiver of tuition fees will be offered to meritorious but poor students (100 of admitted students). Candidates willing to avail the offer must have of least GPA 8 in combined SSC & HSC. They will apply in separate application form but appear in the some admission test. They will have separate merit list and will not be transferred to general list or Vice versa.

Application procedure Application form, Prospectus and further information are available from the office of the Principal, Popular Medical college,Dhaka, Bangladesh. Completed application form and relevant documents must be submitted within the announced deadline.

Selection of Candidates Final selection of candidates shall be on merit based on scores of

A) Admission Test (MCQ) 100
B) (SSC GPA X 8) + (HSC GPA X 12) 100
Total 200

Admission Test shall consists of an hour's written Examination consisting of MCQS based on HSC Syllabus in Physics (20 marks), chemistry (25 marks), Biology (30 marks), General knowledge (10 marks) and English (15 marks).

Admission to the Course List of finally selected candidates will be notified in the college Notice Board Candidates Finally selected shall have to be admitted by the announced date and time. Otherwise their selection may be cancelled and the place will be filled up from among the candidates in waiting list.

Expense of the study Tuition and other fees payable at the time of admission will be notified in the college notice board. All payments are w be mode in full at the time of admission.Tuition for the first three months shall be payable at the time of admission. Subsequently tuition fees are payable quarterly basis, students who fail to pass their final examination in five years time will have to pay the prescribe tuition fees for the period beyond five years.

Student advising When student first join the college, each of them will be assigned on adviser from among their teachers. The adviser will be responsible for guiding them through the course.

Conduct and discipline During their stay college all students are required to abide by all the rules and regulations of the college. Non-adherence to these rules and regulations marks the students liable to disciplinary action, which may range from warning to expulsion from the college. Students in Popular Medical College are forbidden to organize any union, association or society other than those set up by the college authority in order to enrich their physical, intellectual and ethical development.

Bond The candidates and their parents or guardians are required to sign bonds on non-judicial stamp regarding the terms and conditions of study, conduct and discipline before admission to the college.

Teaching Learning Activities The college is implementing on well-designed curricula, utilizing modern and effective instructional methods and aids including multimedia computer software performances, providing the right environment for faculty development by continuously monitoring and rigorously evaluating all the activities and systems. Each month they are provided with an academic calendar-a detailed time-table showing what exactly students will be doing on each day of the month, indicating the class/clinical ward duty/assignment/evaluation, topics, teacher and venue.Most of the lectures delivered by the teachers at Popular Medical College and the clinical materials are available on CDs in computer Lab, so that students can go through them when required. In-Course evaluations are being held through regular item examinations, periodic class tests/assignments, card completions and end term examinations.

Financial aid[edit]


Life at PMC[edit]

Student life at Popular Medical College is a celebration of diversity.

It is the coming together of extraordinarily talented individuals from a wide variety of ethnic, cultural, social, and educational experiences and backgrounds who share an intense ambition to be leaders in everything they do. It is about discovering a culture of support that respects difference and an abundance of resources to nurture talent. It is about being inspired by a history of achievement to transform your potential into achievements that can make a difference to our world.


The college library is on the 5th floor of academic building with a large collection of medical books. It also contains a vast collection of journals with a view to spread light of literature among medical students.


There are separate hostels for girls and foreign students . Boys hostel will be start soon. Both of the hostels are modern & well decorated. Canteen facilities are available with delicious food items.


Debating Club :

Popular Medical College Debating Club (PMCDC)

Extracurricular activities[edit]

Each and every year the students celebrate the national days, Iftar Party, Pahela Baisakh, Pahela Falgun, Indoor Games Competition etc. The college building is provided with modern indoor sports facilities for the upcoming new generation doctors of this medical college. The college arrange cultural and sports competition every year. The students celebrate their year ending, and batch programs on campus.


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