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The Populist Caucus was a caucus within the United States House of Representatives. The caucus was created on February 11, 2009 by Democrat Bruce Braley of Iowa. The caucus included 25 members of the House, all of which are from the Democratic Party. The fifteen members of this caucus are also members of the Congressional Progressive Caucus. As of 2014 the caucus is effectively defunct.

Founding Principles[edit]

The Founding Principles of the Caucus are:

  • Fighting for working families and the middle class through the establishment of an equitable tax structure, fair wages, proper benefits, a level playing field at the negotiating table, and secure, solvent retirement plans.
  • Providing affordable, accessible, quality health care to all Americans.
  • Ensuring accessible, quality primary education for all American children, and affordable college education for all who want it.
  • Protecting consumers, so that Americans can once again have faith in the safety and effectiveness of the products they purchase.
  • Defending American competitiveness by fighting for fair trade principles.
  • Creating and retaining good-paying jobs in America.

Past members[edit]