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Por Amarte Tanto (1993) is a Venezuelan telenovela that was produced by and seen on Venezuela's Venevisión. It was written by Vivel Nouel and directed by Jose Antonio Ferrara. This telenovela lasted 146 episodes and was distributed internationally by Venevisión International.


Laura Vasquez has never been happy. Heiress to billionaire Gregorio Velasquez, her fortune has only caused her pain. Noble and shy, she constantly searches for a love pure and sincere. Luciana, who lives in the Vasquez mansion, has raised Laura. She has tried to be a mother to Laura, but she has never been able to erase the memory of her beautiful and elegant mother, Amanda Vasquez. Gregorio Vasquez owns an advertising agency where Luis Arturo Ramirez works as an Account Executive. Luis Arturo is an attractive young man who is always looking for an easy way out. He seeks financial security through women and his dream is to find a rich, single and beautiful heiress. He meets Laura and, from that moment on, he decides to win her heart. He also meets Damiana, a woman without any scruples, who happens to be Laura's cousin. His passion for Damiana will drive him into a tempestuous love triangle.


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Title: Por Amarte Tanto Artist: Guillermo Davila Produced by: SONO RODVEN

Screen adaptations[edit]


Production Laura Vasquez Juan del Diablo Damiana Javier
2001 telenovela | Scarlet Ortiz Jorge Aravena | Ana Karina Manco Carlos Olivier
1993 telenovela | Viviana Gibelli Jean Carlos Simancas | Carolina Cristancho Javier Vidal
1987 film | Mimi Lazo Jean Carlos Simancas Jeanette Rodriguez
1985 telenovela | Maricarmen Regiuro Flavio Caballero | Hilda Abrahamz Eduardo Luna
1978 film | Marina Baura José Bardina | Laura Zapata


Production Laura Velasque Luis Arturo Ramirez Damiana Javier
Tanto de Amor (1977) | Lupita Ferrer Maria Alves Tony Ramos

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