Por Amor (1997 TV series)

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Por Amor
Por Amor (1997 telenovela).jpg
Written by
Directed by
Opening theme"Falando de Amor", Quarteto em Cy and MPB4
Country of originBrazil
Original language(s)Portuguese
No. of episodes190
Producer(s)Ruy Mattos
Original network
Original release13 October 1997 –
23 May 1998

Por Amor (English: For Love) is a 1997 Brazilian telenovela created by Manoel Carlos, starring Regina Duarte and Gabriela Duarte in the main roles.[1][2]


Helena is the divorced mother of Maria Eduarda, a spoiled young woman, and they both live in Leblon, where most of the story happens. Helena does her best to make Eduarda accept her alcoholic father, Orestes. But Eduarda has eyes only for her great love, Marcelo. The boy suffers from a persecution of his former girlfriend, Laura, distraught at having been neglected. Marcelo's mother, Branca Leticia, also disagreed with her son's choice. Branca is a fierce and strong-willed woman, who likes to manipulate other people. Branca worships Marcelo, her eldest son, but doesn't care for her other children, the modern middle daughter Milena and the shy youngest son, Leonardo. Branca controls the life of her friend Isabel, who has an affair with Atilio, a man who is looking for a great love. Branca has long been in love with Atilio and angry to learn that he fell in love with Eduarda's mother, Helena.

After a brief romance, and to Branca's disgust, as well as Isabel's and Laura's, Helena marries Atilio and Eduarda marries Marcelo. Mother and daughter get pregnant at the same time and give birth on the same day at the hospital in Rio de Janeiro, under the care of young doctor Cesar, a man who has always been in love with Eduarda. Helena's son is born healthy, but Eduarda has complications during the birth and the baby is stillborn. To complicate the situation of the younger woman, she can never be a mother due to the loss of her uterus. Helena can not bear the suffering this will bring to her daughter, and begs Cesar do help her. She proposes that they switch the babies, and Caesar is reluctant but accedes and agrees to the exchange. So Eduarda thinks her baby brother is her son, whom she named Marcelinho, and that it was her mother's baby who died. Cesar is the only person who knows this secret besides Helena. Helena, however, suffers with the secret, and must treat her baby as a grandchild, and sees her marriage to Atilio deteriorate, despite the great love that unites them.

To cope, she writes all the events in a diary, which is eventually discovered by Eduarda. In the midst of it all, Eduarda, having been so spoiled by her mother, refuses to help her father Orestes' alcoholism, and he is taken care of by his young daughter Sandra instead. Branca despises her daughter Milena's romantic involvement with Nando, Eduarda's stepbrother via Orestes, who is a helicopter pilot. Laura pursues Marcelo and poisons him against Eduarda, with Branca's support. It is ultimately discovered that Branca thought all along that Marcelo was Atilio's son, and that is why he was her favorite child; she was wrong, however, as her youngest son Leonardo is revealed to be Atilio's son, as he and Branca had an affair for many years. Marcelo and Milena are Arnaldo's children, Branca's womanizer husband, who has an affair with Isabel afterwards.

In the end, Atilio leaves, feeling betrayed after finding out the truth about his and Helena's baby. Laura, who gets pregnant by Marcelo, goes on a helicopter flight with Nando, and the two suffer an accident. Only Nando is found alive, and Marcelo and Eduarda reconcile, deciding to raise Laura's twins. Atilio ultimately comes back and gets back together with Helena. The last scene shows Marcelinho walking his first steps from Eduarda and Marcelo to Helena and Atilio, in the Rio de Janeiro Botanical Garden.




Timeslot Episodes Premiere Finale Rank Season Average viewership
Date Viewers
(in points)
Date Viewers
(in points)
13 October 1997
22 May 1998
57 #1 1997-98 43


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