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Pora Ora is a series of educational games and apps for primary school children ages 5 to 12. Suitable for use at both school and home, kids can learn things like multiplication tables, mathematics, spelling, and more, while enjoying themselves with colourful games. Pora Ora is the first offering of Caped Koala Studios, which has offices in London and Poznan, Poland.[1] The company was founded by Neil Gallagher and Conor Murphy.


Pora Ora has a desktop version called Pora Pal HQ, where one can feed and care for the Pora Pals unlocked in the interconnected games and apps. Schools are able to use Pora Ora as a free resource to compliment classroom activities. Progress reports detailing a child’s activities are available to teachers, outlining the child's key strengths and weaknesses. The program also allows teachers to control interactive features and tailor content to suit their class' needs. Teachers also have access to the Teachers Portal, where they can connect with teachers around the world and share resources and tips. The Teachers Portal also has its own unique newsfeed with educational stories, blogs, and videos, ensuring that Pora Ora provides an up-to-date news resource for educators.

Pora Pals[edit]

Pora Pals are virtual pets whose well-being depends on the player acquiring wisdom, conducting exploration, and receiving points for creativity. As players progress in the game, they are rewarded with the opportunity to unlock new Pora Pals, including


Roobles are the in-game currency of Pora Ora. Players need to earn roobles in order to be able to 'purchase' new clothes, furnishings, hairstyles, and gaming features. Roobles are earned playing games and learning.

Pora Pads[edit]

Each player has their own Pora Pad (virtual home) in Pora Pal HQ to decorate and furnish. Each Pora Pad has its own garden, where Pora Pals hang out.


  • Leapfrog
  • Globetrotters
  • Bubble Trouble
  • Number Bugs
  • Dojo 360
  • Spellfire
  • Fishermania


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