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The band live at Rio de Janeiro.

Porcos Cegos (previously known as Blind Pigs) is a punk rock band formed in 1993 in the city of Barueri, Brazil, mainly influenced by Forgotten Rebels, Misfits and Ramones. The group entered a hiatus in 2005 and regrouped in 2006 with new band members and the record Heróis ou Rebeldes. Starting in 2000, the band has released records by its own label Sweet Fury Records.

International collaborations[edit]

The band's first album, São Paulo Chaos, was produced by Jay Ziskrout, former drummer of Bad Religion. Blind Pigs has opened shows for established punk rock bands such as Dead Kennedys and NOFX.


  • Best Album: Blind Pigs (self-titled). Punk International, 2002
  • Best Punk Band. Punknet Awards, 2004




  • São Paulo Chaos (1997) — Paradoxx Music
  • The Punks Are Alright (2000) — Sweet Fury Records
  • Blind Pigs (2002) — Sweet Fury Records
  • Suor, Cerveja e Sangue (live) (2003) — Sweet Fury Records
  • Porcos Cegos (EP) (2004) — Sweet Fury Records
  • Heróis ou Rebeldes (2006) — Sweet Fury Records
  • Capitânia (2013)