Pore Mosulishvili

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Pore Mosulishvili
Nickname(s) Pore
Born (1916-07-20)July 20, 1916
Kvemo Machkhaani,
Kakheti, Georgia
Died December 3, 1944(1944-12-03) (aged 28)
Lesa, Novara, Italy
Buried at Arona, Piedmont
Allegiance  Georgia (1916–1939)
 Soviet Union (1939–1944)
 Italy (1943–1944)
Years of service 1939–1944
Rank Starshina
Commands held 2nd Battalion of Brigade "Servadei"
Battles/wars World War II

Hero of the Soviet Union Order of Lenin

Pore Mosulishvili (Georgian: ფორე მოსულიშვილი; Italian: Pore Mossulishvili) (July 20, 1916 – December 3, 1944) was a Georgian soldier and partisan in the Italian resistance movement. He was posthumously awarded the Gold Medal of Military Valor and the title Hero of the Soviet Union[1] for actions during the Second World War.


Pore (Krist'epore) Mosulishvili (father's name - Nikolozi) was born in July 20, 1916 to Kvemo Machkhaani, Municipality of Sighnaghi, Kakheti, Georgia, and died December 3, 1944 in Lesa, Novara, Italy.

In 1939, Pore was recruited in the Red Army. When the Germans invaded the Soviet Union, he completed his duty with great distinction, and was given a field promotion to non-commissioned officer.

In 1944 Pore Mosulishvili was captured by the Germans, and was transferred to Italy with other Soviet and Czechoslovak prisoners.

Brigade Garibaldi[edit]

In the Stresa, Pore Mosulishvili was put in contact with the partisans of the 118th Brigade Garibaldi and September 7, 1944 made contact with another 36 ex-Georgian prisonersm who fought with the Italian Resistance.The Georgians of The 2nd Battalion of the 118th one, quickly gained a reputation for toughness. From the 9th of October to the October 14 they took part in the defence of the republican partisan of the Ossola.[2] On October 26, the 2nd Battalion lead a fight against a Fascist train and killed 23 supporters of the Fascist Republic of Salo.[3]

In November the Fascists decided to unleash a violent counter-offensive in the area of the Mottarone-Vergante, in low Verbano, operative sector of the Brigade "Servadei". This caused the partisans to separate into small groups, in an attempt to avoid reprisals.


On December 3, 1944 Pore Mosulishvili, together with sixteen guerrillas were surrounded by a German Froce. The Germans stated that if the commander surrendered, the others would be spared, otherwise everyone would be killed. The commander of this group, Edo Delgrato did not surrender, nor did any of his companions.

Pore Mosulishvili, who was already wounded, told his companions to disarm and discard their weapons. Mosulishvili exited the hut and told the Germans; "I am the Commander, but I prefer death to captivity!"Mosulishivili, then produced a pistol, which he had hidden in his right hand hidden behind his back. He shouted: "Viva l'Italia! viva i partigiani! viva liberta!" ("Live the Italy! live the partisans! living freedom!"), then shot himself in the temple.

Mosulishvili's companions surrendered and were allowed to live. They were taken prisoner, and in April, 1945 were released by the Italian partisans.

Pore Mosulishvili is buried in Arona.

Rewarding (after death)[edit]

On February 28, 1970 president of Italy Giuseppe Saragat has signed the decree on Musolishvili Phore Nikolaievic gratifying (Pore Mossulishvili) (after death) the Gold Medal of Military Valor. The Italian government wanted to recognize his achievements, and he was awarded after his death a symbol of the international antifascist solidarity. From this point of view, the life and the death of Pore Mosulishvili are really models.

On May 5, 1990, Starshina Mosulishvili Pore Nikolaevich was given the rank of a Hero of the Soviet Union.,[4] "for courage and the devotion, shown in the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945".

Pore Mosulishvili was also awarded the Order of Lenin, the Order of the Patriotic war (1st degree, Glory of 3rd degree),Lenin's award and a Gold Star (№ 11620). The Gold Star has been transferred to storage by relatives of Mosulishvili.

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