Porky's Five & Ten

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Porky's Five & Ten
Looney Tunes (Porky Pig) series
Title Card for Porky's Five & Ten.jpg
Title card for Porky's Five & Ten
Directed by Bob Clampett (as Robert Clampett)
Produced by Leon Schlesinger
Voices by Mel Blanc (Uncredited)
Music by Carl W. Stalling, Milt Franklyn (Uncredited)
Animation by Chuck Jones (as Charles Jones), John Carey, Elmer Plummer, uncredited
Studio Leon Schlesinger Studios
Distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures
Release date(s) April 16, 1938 (USA)
Color process Black and white
Running time 7:00
Language English

Porky's Five & Ten is a Looney Tunes cartoon short produced by Leon Schlesinger and released in 1938. Porky sets sail for the Boola-Boola islands in the South Seas with a sailboat full of cargo and plans to open a five and dime store, until a swordfish cuts a hole in the hull.


Porky's sailboat is sailing off to the Boola-Boola islands, a fictitious set of tropical islands in the South Seas with enough cargo to open up a five and dime store.

A swordfish cuts a hole in the hull which sends much of the merchandise sinking to the bottom of the ocean where the fish make creative use of the items.

Bowls and boxes are the next to follow, forming a hotel with a ballroom inside. Two electric eels swim by and form the marquee "Holly" and "wood" above the entrance and begin blinking on and off. Two other fish enter with flashlights on forming spotlights, as seen in front of hotels and theaters with big events and movie premiers in Hollywood that were common at the time. Two other fish have bowler hats drop on them, and as they turn toward the camera, acquire a likeness of Laurel and Hardy, and they swim into the Hotel. Another fish steps into some large shoes, and impersonates a Greta Garbo character and she says, "I want to be alone", a line in the 1932 classic Garbo movie "Grand Hotel". Another fish swallows an hourglass lamp and takes on the likeness of Mae West, complete with jewels and parasol, utters, "Come up and see me sometime" as she steps into the Hollywood Legion Stadium to watch a boxing match. There are two boxing fish fighting on the keys of a typewriter in the stadium, and as the carriage comes to the end of the line, the typewriter's ding is heard, and each fish backs into his own corner, and another fish pushes the carriage back to the beginning of a new line. The keys spell out what is happening in the fight.

Back to Porky, he's now frowning because all of his goods have been lost, and puts a worm on a hook and lowers it into the water. The sentry fish sees this and pulls out his own fishing pole with baited hook and the worm jumps onto the hook and the sentry fish reels him in and eats him! Later, the ballroom guests are partying and waving their drinking glasses around when a spotlight appears on the curtain. As the curtain rises, we see some pretty dancing legs and as the curtain rises further, it turns out to be a 10-legged octopus! The Mae West fish dances with something resembling a walrus or seal; her bustline and his waistline fit together perfectly as they dance. The fish that swallowed the clock stands still as his hips move to the beat of the music.

A whale appears under Porky's boat and the sentry fish knocks on the hole cover. As Porky opens the cover and says, "Who's there?" the whale spouts water from his blowhole, which forces Porky back onto the boat. The sentry fish spits water, and Porky comes back and sprays him with a spritzer-bottle, and the fish starts crying and the cartoon comes to a close.


  • A colourized version is available on Cartoon Network, which was made available by Warner Bros. Entertainment, Inc. in 1992.


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