Porky's Railroad

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Porky's Railroad
Looney Tunes (Porky Pig) series
Title Screen
Directed by Frank Tashlin
Produced by Leon Schlesinger
Voices by Mel Blanc
Billy Bletcher
Music by Carl W. Stalling
Animation by Joe D'Igalo
Robert Bentley
Studio Leon Schlesinger Studios
Distributed by Warner Bros.
Release date(s) August 7, 1937
Color process Black and White (later colorized)
Running time 7:15
Language English
Preceded by Porky's Badtime Story
Followed by Get Rich Quick Porky

Porky's Railroad is a Looney Tunes cartoon starring Porky Pig released in 1937.[1]


Porky is informed that his beloved train the 1312 named 'Toots' is to be replaced by a streamline train by the name of 'The Silver Fish'. After the driver of 'The Silver Fish' insults 'Toots', Porky mutters that his train could easily take on the streamline train. The driver agrees to a race that ends with Porky being the victor (thanks to a bull seeking revenge after being previously insulted by Porky) and becoming the new driver of 'The Silver Fish' whilst a battered 'Toots' is on a trailer behind with 'Headin' for the last roundhouse' written on a sign attached to it.


When a woodpile is knocked over there is a brief view of a black man, a visual reference to the then commonly used term "a nigger in the woodpile". During the race, Porky runs his train over the top of a boat called the 'S.S Leon', a gag dedicated to the cartoon's producer Leon Schlesinger. Also, the Morse Code heard is a message to write Schlesinger for a picture of Porky.[2]


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