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Pornopedia (English).jpg
The logo of Pornopedia shows Till Kraemer with a porn actress
Web address
Slogan Die geile Enzyklopädie (German)
The Sexy Encyclopedia (English)
L'enciclopedia fica (Italian)
Секси енциклопедија (Serbian)
Owner Till Kraemer
Current status active

Pornopedia is a wiki website about pornography, erotica, sexuality, and everything related to it including actors, directors, movies, books, and toys.[1]

Pornopedia is run by Till Kraemer,[2] a German actor, TV host and former pornographic film actor.[3]


Pornopedia has a variety of sexual and pornographic topics and nudity, but does not feature any actual hardcore content. Pornopedia has no notability guidelines, so basically every actor or movie can be included in the encyclopedia.

In order to write for Pornopedia, authors have to register themselves. Every new account will be reviewed by an administrator, before the user is able to post anything. The intention is to keep spam and vandalism at a minimum rate.

As of August 31, 2015 the German language wiki is the most extensive (with over 18,700 articles) followed by the Swedish language with almost 3,500 articles, the English language with about 3,300 articles, the French language with 226, Serbian language with 128, and Spanish language with 77. The Dutch language has three articles, Polish, Russian, and Italian language with two, and Armenian and Czech with one each (for a total of almost 26,000 articles).[4]

In the media[edit]

In February 2010, Pornopedia became known to a wider audience when it appeared in a featured story on the main page of Bild, Europe's best-selling tabloid.[5]

2009 to 2012, Pornopedia had a series called Das Porno-ABC in the German men's magazine Coupé: Every month Pornopedia presented an article usually describing a sex position or fetish.[6]

The German newspapers Berliner Kurier[7][8] and tz[9] use Pornopedia as source in online articles.



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