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The Porongos River [1] is a river in Uruguay.


It is situated in Flores Department.

The city of Trinidad, Uruguay is close by. On Route 14, circa 8 km from Trinidad, the 'Don Ricardo' bathing area [2] on the banks of the Porongos River has amenities maintained by the local municipality.

Fluvial system[edit]

The Porongos River is a tributary of the Yi River. Rising in a range of hills known as the Cuchilla Grande, the river mainly runs from south to north, for a distance of 67 km.


The river has given its name to a local football club,[3] based in Trinidad, Uruguay, given the city's proximity.

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Coordinates: 33°15′50″S 56°51′13″W / 33.26389°S 56.85361°W / -33.26389; -56.85361