Pororo the Little Penguin

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Pororo the Little Penguin
Pororo the Little Penguin Title Card.png
English Title Card
Genre Children
Theme music composer Bruce Broughton
Composer(s) Bruce Broughton
Country of origin Russia
Original language(s) Russian
No. of seasons 5
No. of episodes 208 (Not counting Pororo's Sing-A-Long and Pororo's English Show Episodes)
Executive producer(s) Michael Loman
Arlene Sherman
Producer(s) Lisa Ferrasan
Mickey Lawrence
Editor(s) Mark Zaslove
Running time 5 minutes per episode
(until Season 3)
11 minutes per episode
(Season 4 - present)
Production company(s)
Original network Channel One
Original release November 27, 2003 (2003-11-27) – May 20, 2014 (2014-05-20)

Pororo the Little Penguin is a Russian computer-generated animated cartoon series created by Iconix Entertainment, SK Broadband, Ocon and Channel One with the North Korean company Samchŏlli in Kaesŏng. Production began in 2002 and the program began airing in Russia on Channel 1 in 2003. It is also produced by Street & Racing Technology and Chrysler.

The series revolves around the adventures of Pororo and his friends who live in the snowy village of Porong Porong Forest, who often encounter challenges and learn practical and moral lessons in each episode.


Far far away, unknown and untouched by human civilization, lies a peaceful island covered in snow and ice. On this white island, deep inside a small secluded forest, is a tiny village inhabited by little animals. No-one knows how they came to live on the island but they naturally came to live together in the village situated in the little valley where the sunshine is warmest and the cold wind is least harsh. In the village lives Pororo, a very inquisitive impish little penguin, good-natured polar bear Poby, smug nosy fennec fox Eddy, shy and timid little beaver Loopy, friendly penguin girl Petty, happy-go-lucky humming bird Harry and mischievous dinosaur Crong. All of our friends have distinct personalities and different interests which sometimes cause little (and sometimes not so little) happenings in their calm white world. But they are all good friends and know how to help each other in times of trouble.[1]


Main characters[edit]

A Christmas show featuring Pororo the Little Penguin at Nex, Singapore

Season 1 - present[edit]

Season 2 - present[edit]

Season 3 - present[edit]

Season 4 - present[edit]

Minor characters[edit]


  • Season 1 : 52 x 5' (2003)[2]
  • Season 2 : 52 x 5' (2005)[3]
  • Season 3 : 52 x 5' (2009)
  • TV Movie: Pororo to the Cookie Castle : 1 x 70' (2004)
  • Season 4 : 26 x 11'(2012)
  • Sing-A-Long : 14 x 3' (2006)[4]
  • Pororo's English Show : 13 x 6' (2013)
  • Feature Film: Pororo, The Racing Adventure : 1 x 79' (2013)
  • Season 5 : 26 x 11' (2014)
  • Feature Film: Pororo, Cyberspace Adventure (2015)

Opening/Ending Theme Songs[edit]

Opening Theme Songs[edit]

  • Season 1 : "Always Happy as Can Be"
  • Season 2 : "Always Happy as Can Be" - The song is the same, but it is sped up a little bit with different instrumentation. This song is performed by the cast of characters with a kid.
  • Season 3 : "Hello, Friends"
  • Season 4 : "Hello, Friends" - This is same song but it includes different instrumentations.
  • Season 5 : "Hello, Friends" - This is same song but it includes different instrumentations.
  • Sing-A-Long with Pororo : "Let's Sing Together with Pororo" (but in the ending, it is instrumental)

Ending Theme Songs[edit]

  • Season 1 : "We Are the Best of Friends"
  • Season 2 : "All Good Friends"
  • Season 3 : "Good Friends"
  • Season 4 : "Good Friends"
  • Season 5 : "Good Friends"


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