Porra antequerana

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Porra antequerana
Porra antequerana.jpg
Bowl of Porra antequerana
Place of originSpain
Region or stateAndalusia
Serving temperatureCold
Main ingredientsTomatoes, dried bread

Porra antequerana is a part of the gazpacho family of soups originating in Andalusia, in southern Spain. Porra antequerana consists of tomato and dried bread. As it is much thicker than its culinary cousins, gazpacho and salmorejo, it is more commonly served as tapas, not soup. Like all soups in this family, there can be variations on the recipe. The word 'Antequerana' derives from the town of Antequera.[1] Porra is a type of club or truncheon and the use of the word in the dish's name likely refers to its traditional preparation with mortar and pestle.

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