Porras, Tammela

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A roadside scenery from Porras.
Old wooden buildings in Porras.

Porras is a village in the municipality of Tammela, Finland. It lies on the Häme Ox Road and has a population of almost 400 inhabitants.[1] An active village, it has about 30 active enterprises and nine unions, a school, cafeteria, and post office services. Porras is an old Finnish word for "bridge" or "duckboards"; the name comes from a bridge on the Häme Ox Road by the village.[2]

Albert Edelfelt made paintwork Veräjällä in Tammela in 1889.


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Coordinates: 60°45′N 23°56′E / 60.750°N 23.933°E / 60.750; 23.933