Porsuigieco (album)

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Porsuigieco - Vinilo.jpg
The original edition of the album, edited on Vinyl.
Studio album by Porsuigieco
Released 7 March 1976 (LP)
15 June 1993 (CD)
Recorded 28 May-18 June 1975
Genre Folk rock
Length 42:55
Label Music Hall Records
Producer Jorge Alvarez

Porsuigieco is the only album by Porsuigieco, a "super-group" by Charly García, Nito Mestre, León Gieco, Raul Porchetto and Maria Rosa Yorio, released in 1976. In the first edition of the LP, the song "Antes de Gira" was substituted for a censured song: "El fantasma de Canterville". But, in 1993, the album was released with "El fantasma de Canterville" as bonus track. The album was recorded in only two weeks.

Track listing[edit]

  1. La mamá de Jimmy [Jimmy's mother] (León Gieco) – 3:35
  2. Fusia (Nito Mestre) – 3:28
  3. Viejo, solo y borracho [Old, alone and drunk] (León Gieco) – 3:26
  4. Burbujas musicales [Musical bubbles] (García/Mestre/Gieco/Porchetto) – 0:38
  5. Tu alma te mira hoy [Your soul looks at you today] (Charly García/Mario Piegari) – 4:56
  6. Las puertas de Acuario [Doors aquarium] (Raul Porchetto) – 4:23
  7. Quiero ver, quiero ser, quiero entrar [I want to see, want to be, I want to go] (Charly García) – 4:56
  8. Mujer del bosque [Forest woman] (Raul Porchetto) – 3:26
  9. Todos los caballos blancos [All white horses] (León Gieco) – 4:02
  10. Antes de gira [Before tour] (Charly García) – 4:30
  11. La colina de la vida [Hill life] (León Gieco) – 5:35
  12. El fantasma de Canterville [Canterville ghost] (Charly García) – 3:46 (*)
  • (*) A Bonus Track from the CD version


  1. Charly García: Keyboards, piano, vocals.
  2. Nito Mestre: Guitar, flute, vocals.
  3. León Gieco: Guitars, mouth organ, tambourine, vocals.
  4. Raúl Porchetto: Guitar, vocals.
  5. Maria Rosa Yorio: Backing vocals.

Guest musicians[edit]

  1. Gustavo Bazterrica: Guitar.
  2. Pino Marrone: Guitar.
  3. Rinaldo Rafanelli: Bass guitar.
  4. Alfredo Toth: Bass guitar.
  5. José Luis Fernández: Bass guitar.
  6. Frank Ojstersek: Bass guitar.
  7. Leo Sujatovich: Keyboards.
  8. Juan Rodriguez: Drums.
  9. Oscar Moro: Drums.
  10. Gonzalo Farrugia: Drums.