Port Burwell, Nunavut

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Transporting supplies to the HBC post at Port Burwell, 1919

Port Burwell is a harbour on western Killiniq Island, formed as an arm of Ungava Bay, at the mouth of Hudson Strait.[1][2] Previously within Labrador,[3] and then the Northwest Territories,[4] it is now situated within the borders of Nunavut, Canada. Cape Chidley is 25 mi (40 km) to the northeast.


Going ashore at Port Burwell, July 1923

A Dominion Government Meteorological Station was established at Port Burwell during an 1884 voyage led by Commander Andrew R. Gordon, R.N., a retired Naval Officer, and assistant director of the Dominion Meteorological Service.[5] Gordon named it in honor of one of the expedition's meteorological observers, Herbert M. Burwell of London, Ontario.[6] Burwell was left in charge of Observing Station No. 1 in the port's harbour on the western side of Gray Strait until it closed in 1886.

Gordon returned to Port Burwell with a Hudson's Bay Company expedition in 1885 on the Alert,[7] and established an HBC trading post within the harbour.[8] In 1904, Moravian missionaries established a mission and trading post at the northwest corner of the harbour.[9] Twelve years later, the HBC moved one of their trading posts to the northeast area of the harbour.[9]

In the 1920s, a Royal Canadian Mounted Police detachment was set up at Port Burwell. The Royal Corps of Signals (RCCS) built a radio station, and the Coast Guard built a base.[10]

The settlement of Killiniq grew around the port. In 1978, all the residents were re-settled from the deep port community[11] to host communities of Nunavik.


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Coordinates: 60°25′00″N 64°49′00″W / 60.4167°N 64.8167°W / 60.4167; -64.8167 (Port Burwell)