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Port Darwin is the port in northern Australia. Darwin, Northern Territory has operated in a number of locations including Stokes Hill Wharf, Cullen Bay and East Arm Wharf.

Stoke Hill Wharf[edit]

Stokes Hill Wharf operated as the main location of Port Darwin, and has had three wharves.

East Arm Wharf[edit]

East Arm Wharf, opened in 2000. Panamax sized ships of a maximum length of 274 meters and a DWT of up to 80,000 tonnes are able to use the location.[1]

Landbridge lease[edit]

The Landbridge Group, a Chinese company with Andrew Robb as a "high-level economic consultant", has been granted a 99-year lease on the Port of Darwin.[2][3] Concern has been expressed over this leasing arrangement.[4][5]

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