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The following is the organization of the Union forces engaged at the Siege of Port Hudson, during the American Civil War in 1863. The Confederate order of battle is listed separately.

Abbreviations used[edit]

Military rank[edit]


Union forces[edit]

Army of the Gulf[edit]

XIX Corps[edit]

MG Nathaniel P. Banks

Division Brigade Regiments and Others

1st Division
     MG Christopher C. Augur

1st Brigade

   Col Edward P. Chapin (k)
   Col Charles J. Paine[3]

2nd Brigade

   BG Godfrey Weitzel[5]
   Col Stephen Thomas[6][7]

3rd Brigade

   Col Nathan Dudley

  • 1st Battery, Indiana Heavy Artillery: Col John A. Keith
  • 1st Battery, Maine Light Artillery: Lt John E. Morton
  • 6th Battery, Massachusetts Light Artillery: Lt John F. Phelps
  • 12th Massachusetts Light Artillery (section): Lt Edwin M. Chamberlin
  • 18th Battery, New York Light Artillery: Cpt Albert G. Mack
  • Battery A, 1st U.S. Light Artillery: Cpt Edmund C. Bainbridge
  • Battery G, 5th U.S. Artillery: Lt Jacob B. Rawles

2nd Division
     BG Thomas W. Sherman (w)
     BG George L. Andrews[8]
     BG Frank S. Nickerson[9]
     BG William Dwight[10]

1st Brigade

   BG Neal S. Dow (w&c)[11]
   Col David S. Cowles (k)[12]
   Col Thomas S. Clark[13]

2nd Brigade[15]

   Col Alpha B. Farr
   Col Thomas W. Cahill[16]
   Col Lewis Benedict[17][18]

3rd Brigade

   BG Frank S. Nickerson

  • 14th Maine: Col Thomas W. Porter
  • 24th Maine: Col George Marston Atwood
  • 28th Maine: Col Ephraim W. Woodman
  • 165th New York: Ltc Abel Smith Jr. (mw)
  • 175th New York: Col Michael K. Bryan (k)
  • 177th New York: Col Ira W. Ainsworth

3rd Division
     BG Halbert E. Paine (w)
     Col Hawkes Fearing[19]

1st Brigade

   Col Timothy Ingraham
   Col Samuel P. Ferris[20][21]

2nd Brigade

   Col Hawkes Fearing
   Maj John H. Alcot[23]

  • 8th New Hampshire: Ltc Oliver W. Lull (k, May 27)
  • 133rd New York: Col Leonard D. H. Currie
  • 173rd New York: Maj A. Power Gallway
  • 4th Wisconsin: Col Sidney A. Bean
3rd Brigade

   Col Oliver P. Gooding

  • 4th Battery, Massachusetts Light Artillery: Lt Frederick W. Reinhard
  • Battery F, 1st U.S. Light Artillery: Cpt Richard C. Duryea
  • 2nd Battery, Vermont Light Artillery: Cpt Pythagoras E. Holcomb

4th Division
     BG Cuvier Grover

1st Brigade

   BG William Dwight
   Col Joseph S. Morgan[24]

2nd Brigade

   Col William K. Kimball

3rd Brigade

   Col Henry W. Birge


   Cpt Henry W. Closson

  • 2nd Battery Massachusetts Light Artillery: Cpt Ormand F. Nims
  • Battery L, 1st U.S. Light Artillery: Cpt Henry W. Closson
  • Battery C, 2nd U.S. Light Artillery: Lt Theodore Bradley

United States Colored Troops

Corps D'Afrique

   BG Daniel Ullman

Native Guard


Grierson's Brigade

   Col Benjamin H. Grierson

West Gulf Blockading Squadron[edit]

Rear Admiral David G. Farragut

Class Vessel

Steam frigate

USS Hartford

   Cpt James S. Palmer

USS Richmond

   Cpt James Alden

USS Mississippi

   Cpt Melancton Smith

USS Monongahela

   Cpt James P. McKinstry


USS Albatross

   Lt Commander John E. Hart

USS Genesee

   Commander William H. Macomb

USS Kineo

   Lt Commander John Watters


USS Essex

   Commander Charles H. B. Caldwell


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