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Port Hutt is a small settlement on Chatham Island, in New Zealand's Chatham Islands chain. It is located in the northwest of the island, near the northern end of the large indentation of Petre Bay, some 24km from the island's largest settlement Waitangi (which lies near the southern end of Petre Bay).[1]

Port Hutt sits at the edge of a small deep inlet, also known as Port Hutt (it is also known as Whangaroa Harbour), which is guarded by the reefs which surround Point Dawson, the 70-metre high headland at the western edge of the harbour mouth. The port was one of the Chathams' main harbours during the early years of European settlement. Several vessels were wrecked on the reef, among them the whaling brig Ann and Mary in 1839 and the brigantine Lowestoff in 1847.

Coordinates: 43°49′00″S 176°42′30″W / 43.81667°S 176.70833°W / -43.81667; -176.70833


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