Port Loko District

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Port Loko District
Location of Port Loko District in Sierra Leone
Location of Port Loko District in Sierra Leone
Coordinates: 8°45′N 12°40′W / 8.750°N 12.667°W / 8.750; -12.667Coordinates: 8°45′N 12°40′W / 8.750°N 12.667°W / 8.750; -12.667
Country Sierra Leone
Province Northern Province
Capital Port Loko
Largest city Lunsar
 • Type District Council
 • District Council Chairman Ibrahim Santigie Bangura[1] (APC)
 • Total 5,719 km2 (2,208 sq mi)
Population (2015 census)[1]
 • Total 614,063
 • Rank 4th
 • Density 110/km2 (280/sq mi)
Time zone UTC-5 (Greenwich Mean Time)

Port Loko District is a district in the Northern Province of Sierra Leone. It is the most populous District in the North and the second most populous District in Sierra Leone, after the Western Area Urban District. As of the 2015 census, Port Loko District has a population of 614,063.[1] The district capital is the town of Port Loko and its largest city is Lunsar. The other major towns in the district include Masiaka, Rokupr, Pepel, Lungi and Gbinti.

The district of Port Loko borders the Western Area to the west, Kambia District to the north, Bombali District to the east and Tonkolili District to the south. The district occupies a total area of 5,719 km2 (2,208 sq mi) and comprises eleven chiefdoms. The population of Port Loko District is predominantly Muslim and the Temne people form by far the largest ethnic group in the district.


At a local level Port Loko District is governed by a district council. The council is headed by a District Council Chairman who is elected directly by the residents of Port Loko District. In the 2008 Sierra Leone Local Elections Ahmed Munir Fofana of the All People's Congress (APC) was elected to the position.

Administrative divisions[edit]


The district is made up of eleven chiefdoms as the third level of administrative subdivision.

Major towns[edit]

Small towns and villages[edit]


The Temne make up by far the largest ethnic group in the district. The predominant religion in Port Loko District is Islam which is practised by over 80% of the population.


The district's main economic activities include scale mining and production of food crops(rice, cassava, and sweet potato).


Bai Bureh Warriors, one of the oldest soccer clubs in Sierra Leone is based in Port Loko. The club won the Sierra Leonean FA Cup in 1978, and 1979.


Port Loko District currently has 11 representatives in the Sierra Leonean Parliament, of which ten were elected for a 5-year term. Below is the list of Port Loko District representatives in the Parliament:

Notable people from Port Loko District[edit]


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