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Port Mourant is a village located in Region 6 (East Berbice/Corentyne), Guyana. This agriculturally sustained village is famous for producing one of the country’s most influential and iconic political figures, Dr. Cheddi Jagan. Dr. Jagan and many of his contemporaries from Port Mourant who later excelled, were fortunate to attend the first and very successful secondary school established in the village by the academic – Pandit RN Persaud. This village has also produced a number of famous cricketers, for example, Rohan Kanhai, Basil Butcher, Joe Solomon, Alvin Kallicharran, Randolph Ramnarace, Ivan Madray and John Trim. There are a number of families who have migrated from Port Mourant to the United States and Canada and have become very successful and outstanding citizens, such as the Bhairams, Mohans, Rostums, Persauds, Narines, Tiwaris, Karims, Sharmas, Bahadurs, Singhs, Deepoos, Babolaals, and Drepauls.

At latitude 6.2500 longitude – 57.3333, Port Mourant stands on average about three feet above sea level. To the west of its border is located Guyana’s smallest town, Rose Hall, and to the east lies Bloomfield. To the north and south the village is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean and sugar cane fields respectively. It is a very large village made up of about 15 settlements including Free Yard, Bound Yard, Portuguese Quarter, Bangladesh, Ankerville, Clifton, Tain, Miss Phoebe and John’s. Bound Yard got its name from the indentured labourers who lived there. After they had served their contracts they moved to another location, suitably called Free Yard.

Education institutions[edit]

  • Tain Nursery
  • Port Mourant Nursery
  • Ankerville Nursery
  • Tain Primary School
  • Joseph Chamberlain Chandisingh Secondary School(formerly Corentyne High School Est.1938)
  • Port Mourant Primary School
  • Port Mourant Secondary School
  • Corentyne Comprehensive High School
  • Guyana Business School (Private)-Closed as of 2013
  • GuySuCo Apprentice Training Centre
  • University Of Guyana - Tain Campus

To bring tertiary education to rural areas in Guyana and extension of the University's Georgetown campus was erected in Tain, Berbice. This branch of the institution was opened to the public in November 2000.

Health care[edit]

  • Port Mourant Hospital - A 53-bed facility located in Ankerville, primary health care, pediatrics, and minor surgical services are provided to patients, cost free.
  • National Ophthalmology Centre [1] - Launched on July 25, 2009 [2], the center will provide services for Guyana and neighboring country Suriname.
  • Guysuco Dispency at Side Line Dam

Community centers[edit]

  • Port Mourant Community Center

Famous as being the home of the Port Mourant Cricket Club. Many international greats such as; Rohan Kanhai, Basil Butcher, Joe Solomon, Randolph Ramnarace, Ivan Madray, Etwaru brothers and brothers Alvin Kallicharran and Derek Kallicharran, have earned their cricketing birth here in Miss Phoebe.

  • Johns's Settlement Senior Citizens Home

The destitute of the community are given assistance, and street people and beggars are provided with shelter.

  • Guyana Hindu Dharmic Sabha (Bal Nivas)(Ankerville)
  • New Jersey Arya Samaj Mission Center (Ankerville)


  • Port Mourant Market

A seven-day-a-week market which becomes one of the largest market places in the country on Saturdays, attracting both buyers and sellers from many parts of the country. This is primarily a farmers market but a wide variety of groceries and clothing goods could also be purchased here.

  • Tain Market

Serves primarily Tain, Johns, Clifton and Miss Phoebe settlements. Tain market allows local farmers a site to market their produce. However, due to the number of farmers in these areas dwindling the popularity of the market has, over the years, lessened.


  • Babu John Cemetery

Famous as being the location of the cremation of a Guyanese icon, the late Dr. Cheddi Jagan and his wife Janet Jagan.

Religious Institutions[edit]

The primary religions in this area of Guyana as with most of Guyana are, Hindus, Christians and Muslims.

  • Miss Phoebe Masjid
  • Miss Phoebe North Kali Temple
  • Free Yard Peapil Hindu Mandir
  • Shri Krishna Mandir (Miss Phoebe north)
  • Vishnu Saanaatan Mandir
  • Maha Kali Mandir (Portuguese quarter North)
  • Lifespring Ministries Church Ankerville
  • God Of The Change International Church Haswell
  • Miss Phoebe Hindu Mandir
  • Sideline Shiva Mandir
  • Tain Bible Church
  • Tain Living Water Assembly
  • Tain Seven Day Adventis
  • Tain Hindu Mandir
  • St. Joseph Anglican Church
  • St Francis Xavier Roman Catholic Church
  • Jama Masjid


  • Johns
  • Clifton[3]
  • Tain Settlement
  • Tain Resource
  • Train Line
  • Haswell
  • Miss Phoebe
  • Miss Phoebe North And South
  • Ankerville
  • Bound Yard
  • Free Yard
  • Managers Compound
  • Managers Quarters
  • Portuguese Quarters
  • Bangladesh


  • Roopmahal Cinema

In Miss Phoebe is one of the oldest cinemas in the Berbice area.

The theater has been closed for over five years because people in the area are buying TV's, and not patronizing the theatre. Also, many stayed away from the theatre at night due to safety concerns. It was torn down and a huge mall is being built in its place. When I visited in 2011, the new building was being built.

  • Cricket Playing at the Port Mourant Community Center Ground

Port Mourant Racetrack - Horse racing


Coordinates: 6°15′N 57°20′W / 6.250°N 57.333°W / 6.250; -57.333