Port Olry

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Port Olry
Saint Anne
Port Olry is located in Vanuatu
Port Olry
Port Olry
Location in Vanuatu
Coordinates: 15°02′58″S 167°03′04″E / 15.04944°S 167.05111°E / -15.04944; 167.05111Coordinates: 15°02′58″S 167°03′04″E / 15.04944°S 167.05111°E / -15.04944; 167.05111
Country  Vanuatu
Province Sanma Province
Island Espiritu Santo
Time zone VUT (UTC+11)

Port Olry is a Francophone town (population 1,300) on Espiritu Santo island in the Sanma Province of Vanuatu.

Known for its verdant green hills, superb white sand beaches, and snorkeling, the village offers access via an underwater sandbar to two local nature reserve islands at low tide. There is a large Catholic mission in town, making Catholicism the village's dominant religion.


The local economy depends on the town's men fishing and the women gardening. Products include octopus, beef, copra, cocoa, and mangrou. Based on a male-centric system, many women are kept out of typical daily business deals and rely on their husbands. Port Olry Village is the second largest village in Vanuatu after Mele on Efate Island. It has five Sectors including (Sector 1, 2, 3, 4, 5). The standed of living is a lot better since 2009 when there is Electricity, Tar sealed road, improved Healthcare (Health centre renovated with new facilities), commercial Bank access (NBV- Vanuatu's own Bank Branch), new Post office branch, extension to its secondary school, new restaurants and bangalows along the beach, and more retail shops.

Transportation to Luganville town is easier by taxi and bus. Sometimes you do not have to worry when you missed all taxis and buses because there will always be a truck passing by. It is fun travelling to town by a truck loaded with copra bags or market products. Port Olry is well known for copra production and fresh fish (Fishing).

Education in the village is French based learning. Port Olry has both a Primary School and a Secondary school. Life is easier for parents to send their children to the village schools (Saint Anne Primary and Saint Anne Secondary). Children who perform well in their year 6 examinations, they can always pursue their secondary studies in Saint Anne's branch or get a chance of going to other schools around Luganville, Sanma Provincee, and even schools around the country. A lot of Port Olry kids got higher education qualifications (Year 14 certificates, Year 13, 12, 10), and even a few with degree (bachelors) from the University of the South Pacific (USP).

Cyclone Zuman[edit]

In 1998, Tropical Cyclone Zuman smacked into Vanuatu. On Espiritu Santo Island, over 100 buildings were destroyed or damaged, as well as 60-70% of the major crops of the region. Additionally, the town of Port Orly itself was hit hard, with 95% of buildings and gardens reporting some sort of damage. As part of the relief effort, the town was given 50 tarpaulins to counter the effects of the cyclone.