Port Phillip Prison

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Port Phillip Prison
Location Truganina, Victoria
Status Operational
Security class Maximum (Male)
Capacity 1072, as at 30 June 2014
Opened September, 1997
Managed by G4S Australia Pty Ltd

Coordinates: 37°49′42″S 144°45′8″E / 37.82833°S 144.75222°E / -37.82833; 144.75222 Port Phillip Prison is a maximum security prison located at Truganina, Victoria, Australia. It is Victoria's largest prison, able to accommodate up to 1087 prisoners.[1] The prison is privately operated on behalf of the Government of Victoria by G4S Australia Pty Ltd.[2]

Construction and history[edit]

Construction began in 1994 and was completed in 1996.[citation needed] Originally called Port Phillip Correctional Centre,[3] the facility was the third privately operated prison to open in Victoria. It received its first prisoners on 10 September 1997.[1] General Manager was forced to resign in April 2016 due to a Corrections Victoria investigation into gun licences.

Accommodation units[edit]

The prison consists of 13 accommodation units including a youth unit named Penine for young adult inmates aged 18–25 who are first time offenders only with no criminal record. All other under 25 prisoners are sent to mainstream units. The induction unit named Matilda is divided into 2 all prisoners spend time there before being located other units. Matilda is a fairly new and modern unit however all the other units are old and uncomfortable to live in. Port Philip Prison has been nicknamed Port Putrid due to the filth.[citation needed] Cells within the units have a shower, hand basin, toilet, desk, chair, television, kettle, storage shelves, intercom and bed.[2]

The prison operates a 20-bed inpatient hospital unit.[2]

Notable prisoners[edit]


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