Port Pirie Junction railway station

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Port Pirie Junction
Location Railway Terrace, Solomontown
Coordinates Coordinates: 33°11′28″S 138°01′17″E / 33.191108703°S 138.021301269°E / -33.191108703; 138.021301269
Operated by Commonwealth Railways
South Australian Railways
Line(s) Trans-Australian Railway
Adelaide-Port Pirie
Port Pirie-Cockburn
Platforms 2 (1 island)
Structure type Ground
Opened 23 July 1937
Closed 12 November 1967

Port Pirie Junction railway station was located in the city of Port Pirie.


Port Pirie Junction station opened on 23 July 1937 when the Commonwealth Railways standard gauge Trans-Australian Railway was extended south from Port Augusta, and the South Australian Railways line north from Redhill to a new break of gauge station in the Port Pirie suburb of Solomontown.[1][2][3]

On 12 November 1967, it was replaced by Port Pirie (Mary Elie Street) station and later demolished.


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