Port Richmond High School

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Coordinates: 40°38′04″N 74°08′34″W / 40.63444°N 74.14278°W / 40.63444; -74.14278

Port Richmond High School
Pt Richmond HS jeh.jpg
85 St Josephs Ave.[1][2][3]
Staten Island, New York, (Richmond)
United States
Type Public
Established 1927[3]
Principal Timothy M. Gannon
Enrollment 1,647 (2014)[3] 2,112 (2011–12)[1]
Team Name Raiders

Port Richmond High School is on the North Shore of Staten Island, New York City, New York. It is in the Port Richmond neighborhood, located at 85 St Josephs Avenue,[2][1] between Innis Street and Charles Avenue. The principal is Timothy M. Gannon.[3] It has approximately 100 full-time teachers and a student-to-teacher ratio of 21.5.[1]

There are periods 0–10 in this school. Freshmen are usually 1–8, while some are 2–9. Period 0 is used for JROTC and college prep classes. The Gateway to Higher Education, Collegiate, Culinary Arts, JROTC, Medical Technology, as well as several other programs are located in the school.

The school is diverse, at 24.3% White, 30.6% Black, 7.0% Asian, and 37.8% Hispanic.[2] Over half of the students receive a free or discounted lunch.[2] In 2011–12, the school has significantly more freshman students than any other grade — nearly twice as many freshman as sophomores, and nearly half the total population is freshmen; juniors and seniors (combined) represented only one-third of the population.[1]

National Honors Society (ARISTA)[edit]

Any student in the third or fourth year who has attained an average of 90% or over the preceding year, and has met the service requirements by giving service to the school and the community is eligible for nomination to the National Honors Society. An overall average below ninety will result in probation and eventually removal from the program.


  • Debi Rose, New York City Councilwoman. She was Vice President of her senior class. [4]


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