Port de Venasque

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Port de Venasque
Port de Vénasque in 1875 by Eugène Trutat
Elevation 2,444 m (8,018 ft)
Location FranceSpain border
Range Pyrenees
Coordinates 42°41′33″N 0°38′27″E / 42.69250°N 0.64083°E / 42.69250; 0.64083Coordinates: 42°41′33″N 0°38′27″E / 42.69250°N 0.64083°E / 42.69250; 0.64083
Port de Venasque is located in France
Port de Venasque
Port de Venasque
Location of Port de Venasque

The Port de Venasque (8,018 feet (2,444 m)) is a mountain pass in the Pyrenees. It lies on the border between France and Spain and is a popular border crossing point for mountaineers and walkers. It can be reached in about two to three hours from the Hospice de France, South of Bagnères-de-Luchon in France.

Port de Venasque marker