Port international du Cap-Haïtien

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Port international du Cap-Haïtien
Port international du Cap-Haïtien2.jpg
Port international du Cap-Haïtien
Country  Haiti
Location Cap-Haïtien
Coordinates 19°45′31″N 72°11′42″W / 19.75861°N 72.19500°W / 19.75861; -72.19500Coordinates: 19°45′31″N 72°11′42″W / 19.75861°N 72.19500°W / 19.75861; -72.19500
Operated by APN
Owned by Autorité Portuaire Nationale (Haiti)

The Port international du Cap-Haïtien is the seaport in Cap-Haïtien Haiti's second largest city. It is operated by the government port authority Autorité Portuaire Nationale APN.[1]


Two access channels leading to the Port:

  • Channel-West, 1 mile long, from 10 to 15 m deep, well marked by navigation aids
  • Channel-East, marked by tags of day (is hardly used)
  • Turning basin and berth wide, 11 to 18 m deep
  • Steering: Valid anytime
  • Radio: VHF Channel 16 or 12
  • Anchoring and quarantine: Buoy No. 1

Services offered: pilotage, mooring, storage, handling, grouping and unbundling of containers, home cruises, marina, water reservoir of 800 m³ capacity.

Quay characteristics[edit]

There are four docks:

The platform of Cruise:

  • 176 m long
  • 10.5 m water depth
  • 7 bollards

The pier-International Trade:

  • 250 m long
  • 9.5 m water depth
  • RORO ramp of 30 m wide
  • 13 bollards
  • Electricity for refrigerated containers
  • Storage
  • Covered area: 2210 m²
  • Open area: 72,000 m², including 45,000 square meters for containers

Equipment proper handling

  • the platform of cabotage
  • 100 m long
  • 3.5 m water depth

Open-storage area of 0.5 ha

  • Marina:
  • 100 m long
  • 2.4 water depth
  • 40 bollards available-area of 13,000 m²[2][3]


The Haitian Coast Guard has one of its main base in Cap-Haïtien