Port of Bosaso

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Port of Bosaso
Bosaso port.jpg
The Port of Bosaso harbor.
Country Somalia
Coordinates11°17′05″N 049°10′57″E / 11.28472°N 49.18250°E / 11.28472; 49.18250Coordinates: 11°17′05″N 049°10′57″E / 11.28472°N 49.18250°E / 11.28472; 49.18250
Operated byDP World[1]
Owned byBosaso Port Authority
MinisterSaid Mohamed Rage, Minister of Ports, Sea Transportation and Counter Piracy

The Port of Bosaso, also known as Bosaso Port, is the official seaport of Bosaso, the commercial capital of the autonomous Puntland region in northeastern Somalia. It is classified as a major class port.[2]


The modern Port of Bosaso was constructed during the mid-1980s by the Siad Barre administration for annual livestock shipments to the Middle East.

In January 2012, a renovation project was launched at the Bosaso Port, with KMC contracted to upgrade the harbor. The initiative's first phase saw the clean-up of unwanted materials from the dockyard and was completed within the month. The second phase involves the reconstruction of the port's adjoining seabed, with the objective of accommodating larger ships.[3]

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