Port of Chornomorsk

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Port of Chornomorsk
Illichivsk port.jpg
LocationChornomorsk, Odessa region
CoordinatesCoordinates: 46°19′44″N 30°39′34″E / 46.32889°N 30.65944°E / 46.32889; 30.65944
Owned byUkrainian Sea Ports Authority
Type of harborNatural/Artificial
ChiefVyacheslav Voloshyn
Official website

Port of Chornomorsk, or Sea Port of Chornomorsk (Ukrainian: Морський порт Чорноморськ, Morskyi port Chornomorsk) is a port in the city of Chornomorsk, Ukraine. It is located on the north-western shore of Black Sea at Sukhyi Estuary, to the south-west from Odessa.

Port of Chornomorsk is a universal seaport. Across the estuary in the village of Burlacha Balka is located the Illichivsk Fishing Seaport and the Illichivsk ferry, while further inland is located the ship maintenance factory.

The city, Chornomorsk, where the port is located used to be named Illichivsk; due to decommunization laws Chornomorsk gained its current name in February 2016.[1][2][3][4][5]

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