Port of Ensenada

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Port of Ensenada
Cruise Terminal and Marina
Country Mexico
Location Ensenada, Baja California
Coordinates 31°51′3″N 116°37′35″W / 31.85083°N 116.62639°W / 31.85083; -116.62639
Operated by Port Authority of Ensenada
Type of harbor Natural Seaport
Size of harbor 82,367 square miles (213,330 km2)
Land area 9,000 square miles (23,000 km2)
Size Medium
Piers 6
Main exports Cotton, Limestone, Crushed rock, Bagged stones, Sand.
Harbor type Coastal Breakwater Harbor with Good Shelter
Vessel arrivals 934
Annual cargo tonnage 3,681,761
Annual container volume 143,660 twenty-foot equivalent units (TEU) (FY 2010)
Passenger traffic 361,285

The Port of Ensenada is a marine freight and cruise terminal in Ensenada, Baja California. This deepwater port lies in Bahia de Todos Santos and in 2010 brought in 3,592,891 metric tons of cargo.[1] Ships arrive to the port from major ports in Asia, North America, and South America.[2] The ports accommodates cargo and cruise terminals as well as serving as an unloading dock for containers. Activities based from within the port extend to commercial and sport fishing, pleasure craft, and marina areas. The Port of Ensenada maintains specialized shipyards and handles tons of mineral bulk. The Port of Ensenada is also Mexico's second busiest port as well as the second most visited port-of-call for major cruise lines and pleasure boats in Mexico.[3][4][5]


The port authority administers two cargo terminals. Exports are sent directly to ports in Hong Kong, Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Taiwan, Indonesia, Costa Rica, Honduras, Chile, France, Italy, Spain, Morocco and Algeria.[6] Imports predominantly come from Nicaragua, New Zealand, and Asian countries.[6] Overall the port has maritime connection with 64 ports in 28 different countries.[7]


The port's main cruise facility is located in the mid-center of the port at the Cruise Terminal and Marina designated area. The port authority devised plans in 2009 to dredge parts of the port to allow for the entry of post-Panamax vessels which would also relieve congested areas from the Port of Long Beach.[8] In 2010 the seaport received 156 cruise ship calls, though this figure is down from the peak 293 calls in 2007.[1]


The port maintains one marina and is looking to expand its second marina and further develop both marinas. The port also maintains a sport fishing terminal.[9]

Real estate[edit]


There are currently two shipyards that lie on the northern end of the port.

Hotels & resorts[edit]

The ports location at the rough center of Todos Santos Bay provides expansive views that companies have taken the opportunity to capitalize on by developing resorts and hotels such as the Villa Marina. Hotels and resorts are located at the base of the Ensenada marina and along the coastal strip of the harbor.



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