Port of Hualien

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Port of Hualien
Taiwan HuaLien Port 2.JPG
Port of Hualien
Location Hualien City, Hualien County, Taiwan
Coordinates 23°59′11″N 121°37′35″E / 23.98639°N 121.62639°E / 23.98639; 121.62639
Opened 1939[1]
Operated by Taiwan International Ports Corporation
Wharfs 25
Annual container volume 12,938,686 tons(2011)

The Port of Hualien (Chinese: 花蓮港; pinyin: Huālián Gǎng) is an international port in Hualien County, Taiwan. It is located in Hualien City, facing the Pacific Ocean in the east. It is an artificial harbor, built in 1930–1939 and protected by breakwaters. There are 25 wharves in Hualien Port. The annual container volume is about 13 million tons. The port mainly transports local gravel, cement, and marble. It also develops tourism and leisure industry, such as cruises and whale-watching boats.


The Port of Hualien was constructed from 1930 to 1939 (Japanese rule), for carrying local granulated sugar to Japan and transporting island-round cargo. The government declared it one of the four international harbors on 1 September 1963.[2] The harbor facilities were improved in an expansion project in 1991.

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