Port of Jiangyin

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Port of Jiangyin(江阴港)
Country People's Republic of China
Location Jiangyin, Wuxi Prefecture, Jiangsu Province,
Opened 19
Owned by People's Republic of China
Type of harbor Natural Inland Port
Website of the Port of Jiangyin

The Port of Jiangyin is a natural inland port located at Jiangyin, Wuxi Prefecture, Jiangsu, People's Republic of China. It extends over 35 km of the southern shore of the Yangtze river. The port had a container throughput of 1,001,000 TEU in 2013[1]


The Port of Jiangyin is located in the plain between the river and the Lake Tai.


The Port has 7 deep-water berths, capable of handling ships of up to 100,000DWT. Channel depth is 15m. It has a land area of 104ha.[2]


Coordinates: 31°55′5″N 120°14′5″E / 31.91806°N 120.23472°E / 31.91806; 120.23472