Port of Kismayo

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Port of Kismayo
Aerial views of Kismayo 08 (8071374374).jpg
The port as of 2012
Country  Somalia
Location Kismayo
Coordinates 00°21′29″S 042°32′43″E / 0.35806°S 42.54528°E / -0.35806; 42.54528Coordinates: 00°21′29″S 042°32′43″E / 0.35806°S 42.54528°E / -0.35806; 42.54528
Operated by Jubbaland

The Port of Kismayo, also known as the Kismayo Port, is the official seaport of Kismayo, situated in southern Somalia. It is classified as a major class port.[1]


Kismayo's large docks are situated on a peninsula on the Indian Ocean coast. Formerly one of the Bajuni Islands, the peninsula was subsequently connected by a narrow causeway when the modern Port of Kismayo was built in 1964 with U.S. assistance. The port served as a base for the Somali Navy as well as the Soviet Navy after the military coup in Somalia in 1969.[2] Somalia and the United States jointly refurbished the port in 1984 after significant wear to the 2,070-foot-long (630 m) four-berth, marginal wharf at the harbor required major renovations to maintain operations.[3]

The Port of Kismayo was officially brought under the Juba Interim Administration in August 2013. Per agreement, management of the facility was scheduled to be transferred to the Somali Federal Government after a period of six months. Revenues and resources generated from the seaport will, like the Kismayo airport, be earmarked for Jubaland's service delivery and security sectors as well as local institutional development.[4]

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