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The Port of Kuala Sungai Linggi,[1] commercially known as Linggi International Floating Transshipment & Trading HUB (LIFT-HUB) is a transshipment area for liquid bulk transshipments and break-bulking from western region or Middle East to Eastern Region or Australia located offshore of Sungai Linggi in the Malacca Strait and is among the largest designated Ship-to-ship cargo transfer area in Malaysia. Gazetted in 2006, Port of Sungai Linggi covers area of 154 km² (45 sq mi) and has catered over 1000 tankers including ULCC and VLCC's since its beginning.[2][3]


Linggi Pier, where barter trade activity took place as well as a fishing jetty

The name "Kuala Linggi" was derived from a river’s name.[4] It is due to the location of the village at Kuala Sungai Linggi that it was named Kampung Sungai Linggi. (Linggi means 'stem' in Bugis and refers to the strongest vertical plate at the bow of a ship.) Strategically located in an area capable of monitoring the incoming and outgoing river traffic in the past, a fort was built at Kampung Kuala Linggi.

"The fort was named Kota Kuala Linggi. It represented a fortress atop the Bukit Supai (Sepoy’s Hill). It was erected by the Dutch and Bugis soldiers as a sign of friendship after a war which took place from 1756 until 1757."

Kota Kuala Linggi was a fort on the summit of Bukit Supai (Sepoy’s Hill). It was built by the Dutch and Bugis soldiers as a sign of peace after the war which had taken place in 1756 until 1757. Besides being known as "Supai Fort", it was also known as For Filiphina, after the name of the Dutch Governor’s daughter at that time.

Based on history, the agreement between the Dutch and Bugis soldiers took place on 1 January 1758. This agreement empowered the Dutch control over the Linggi area and the tin trading. The square shaped fort was erected from an arrangement of laterite stones. For defense, a semi circle was made at each corner of the fort where cannons were placed.

On going Ship to Ship operation at Linggi Port


Dusk at Linggi

The Port of Sungai Linggi is located in between the borders of Negeri Sembilan and Malacca states and accessible via air from the nearest international airport KLIA (2 hours) and by road from Singapore (4 hours).[5] LIFT-HUB is located Approx. 20 n.m. SE of Port Dickson and 2.0 n.m. NW of Sungai Udang port (Lat. 02° 23′ 19.66" N, Long. 101° 58′ 34.90" E) on the Malacca coast, west coast of Malaysia and accessible via Strait of Malacca.


  • Seaport area covers about 45 sq NM
  • Depth at designated transfer area ranging from 25–30 m
  • Good holding ground, with tidal stream less than 2.5 knots.
  • Max. draft for approaching 22m with under keel clearance of 3.5 m

Port limits[edit]

Various floaters lined up in Linggi for ship to ship operation

Sungai Linggi port limits area is 9 nm by 5 nm bounded by the following co-ordinates:[6]

Position LAT.(N) LONG.(E)
A 02° 23.30′ 101° 58.20′
B 02° 17.40′ 102° 05.00′
C 02° 16.50′ 102° 04.30′
D 02° 14.70′ 102° 01.30′
E 02° 19.40′ 101° 55.20′
F 02° 23.54′ 101° 58.20′
G 02° 23.80′ 101° 58.90′
H 02° 23.75′ 101° 58.99′


For charts reference please see:

  • MAL Chart No. 532
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  • BA Charts No. 3946
  • BA Malacca Strait Pilot, NP 44


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