Port of Las Khorey

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Port of Las Khorey
The old Port of Las Khorey
LocationLas Khorey, Puntland
Operated byPuntland Ministry of Ports, Marine Transportation & Counter Piracy

The Port of Las Khorey, also known as the Las Khorey Port, is the official seaport of Las Khorey, situated in Puntland,


In 2012, Faisal Hawar, CEO of the Maakhir Resource Company, brokered an agreement with a Greek investment firm for the development of the commercial Las Khorey Port.[1] A team of engineers was subsequently enlisted by the Puntland authorities to assess the ongoing renovations taking place at the seaport.[2] According to the Minister of Ports, Saeed Mohamed Ragge, the Puntland government intends to launch more such development projects in Las Khorey.[3]

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