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Limassol New Port[edit]

Container handling in Limassol New Port

Geographical Location: 34°39′00″N 33°01′00″E / 34.65000°N 33.01667°E / 34.65000; 33.01667Coordinates: 34°39′00″N 33°01′00″E / 34.65000°N 33.01667°E / 34.65000; 33.01667.

Although a title held by Famagusta Port for centuries, Limassol Port has now become the principal seaport in Cyprus. This was largely a direct result of the Turkish invasion of Cyprus in 1974 leaving the port of Famagusta within occupied territory and inaccessible to Greek Cypriots. The port is the largest and busiest harbour on the island, capable of handling vessels up to 820 ft (250 m) size for berthing in 45 ft (14 m) of water. It is entered through an approach channel which is 49 ft (15 m) deep and 492 ft (150 m) wide between the ends of two breakwaters.[1]

With Cyprus an established player in the shipping industry, Limassol and its new port have accumulated importance over time and now is a centre for numerous shipping companies. Most of the island’s cargo (importation and exportation) is handled here. In the year 2000, 3,589,000 tonnes of cargo were handled whilst there were roughly 1 million passenger arrival and departures (>90% of total traffic).[2] Over 50 international cruise liners include Cyprus in their Mediterranean routes resulting in much of that passenger traffic.

Time and again the port has served as the evacuation point for refugees fleeing conflicts in the Middle East. Most recently hundreds of thousands of EU and other citizens were evacuated from Lebanon.[3]

Limassol Old Port[edit]

Cranes in Limassol Harbour.

What is today known as the Limassol Old Port used to be the main port of Limassol, Cyprus between its construction (in its current form) in 1956 up until the delivery of the Limassol New Port in 1973. Its original foundations were laid during the British occupation of the island in the late 19th century. Up to and including 1974, the British RAF 1153 Marine Craft Unit (MCU) was stationed in the western part of the harbour.

As times moved on, it changed from being a cargo and passenger terminal to its current use as a leisure, fishing boat and coast guard shelter. Following an architectural competition, plans have been drawn up to revamp the area and transform it into a more functional leisure centre.[4] For that reason the Old Port had been officially closed and the project commenced after some delays under the name "Limassol Marina" in 2010.

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