Port of Maoming

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Port of Maoming
CountryPeople's Republic of China
LocationMaoming, Maoming Prefecture, Guangdong Province,
Operated byMaoming Port Group Corporation, Ltd.
Owned byPeople's Republic of China
Type of harborNatural Coastal Deep-water Port
Website of the Port of Maoming

The Port of Maoming is a natural coastal seaport located on Maoming, Guangdong. It opens to the South China Sea.

In 2012, the port handled 23.9 million tonnes of total cargo and 83,543 TEU of containers.[1]



Layout and Facilities[edit]

Shuidong Port Area (水东港区) is the original port area, set alongside the mouth of the Maoming lagoon. As of 2012, it had 2 liquid chemical berths of 30,000DWT, 2 general cargo berths of 10,000DWT and 9 multipurpose berths. The channel is 15m deep.[2]

Bohe New Port Area (博贺新港区)is located on the Liantou Peninsula, to the southeast of the Shuidong area. Since 1994 it has operated a single buoy mooring for 300000DWT VLCC 850,000m3 tank storage. 10Mt annual capacity.[3] Bohe fishing port, with 800m wharf is across the bay.[4] Future plans are for an extensive artificial deep-water port built on reclaimed land on the Peninsula, for a total of 33 berths, of which 2 coal berths of 150,000DWT and 1 of 100,000DWT; 2 ore berths of 200,000DWT, 3 bulk cargo berths of 30,000DWT; 7 general cargo berths of 70,000DWT, 2 container berts of 100,000DWT, 12 liquid chemical berths of 50,000-100,000DWT, 2 LNG berths and 1 300,000DWT oil berth.[5]

Jida Port Area (吉达港区) is a planned development further east of the Bohe New Port, intended to support the planned harbor-front industrial development area. It is planned to have 47 deep-water berths. of which 6 100000DWT container berths.[6]




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