Port of Meizhou Bay

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Port of Meizhou Bay
Country  People's Republic of China
Location Quanzhou, Fujian; Meizhou Island, Fujian; and Putian, Fujian
Available berths 147

The Port of Meizhou Bay was created in 2012 by merging the ports of Quanzhou, Meizhou Island and Putian, as part of Fujian Province's rationalization of ports, which cutting down[ungrammatical] the number of ports in the province into three large consolidated ports (Xiamen, Meizhou Bay and Fuzhou). In 2012, Meizhou Bay port had 147 berths, 24 with 10,000DWT capacity, and had a total cargo throughput of 114 million tonnes.[1]

Port of Quanzhou (Chinese: 泉州港) is a sea port with a number of facilities within in Quanzhou prefecture-level city, in the southeastern part of Fujian province, China.[2] Its UN/LOCODE is CNQZJ.


Port of Quanzhou was the busiest port during the era of the Tang dynasty.[3] The port peaked in activity during the Yuan Dynasty.[3] The medieval western travellers to China; Marco Polo, Ibn Battuta, Giovanni de' Marignolli, and Odoric all have transited through Quanzhou.[3] Polo labelled it as one of world's the largest port and Battuta equated the port to the Port of Alexandria during the time.[3]

The port has facilities in four bays of Taiwan Strait. They are Meizhou Bay, Quanzhou Bay, Shenhu Bay and Weitou Bay.[4] It is managed by the Quanzhou Port Authority.[5]


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