Port of Mersin

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Port of Mersin
Port of Mersin (MIP).jpg
Aerial view of Mersin International Port
Country Turkey
Location Mersin
Coordinates 36°48′02″N 34°38′21″E / 36.80045°N 34.63908°E / 36.80045; 34.63908Coordinates: 36°48′02″N 34°38′21″E / 36.80045°N 34.63908°E / 36.80045; 34.63908
Operated by PSA – Akfen
Owned by Turkish State Railways (TCDD)
Type of harbor bulk cargo, Container terminal, Ro-Ro and oil terminal
Available berths 26
Piers 15
Port of Mersin is located in Turkey
Port of Mersin
Port of Mersin
Port of Mersin (Turkey)

The Port of Mersin (Turkish: Mersin Limanı), aka Mersin International Port (MIP), is a major port located on the north-eastern coast of Mediterranean Sea at Mersin in southern Turkey. It is the country's second largest port after Ambarli, near Istanbul.[citation needed] Owned by the Turkish State Railways (TCDD), its operating right is transferred on May 11, 2007 to PSA – Akfen consortium for a period of 36 years.[citation needed]

The port's rail connection brings heavy freight train traffic to Mersin, via the Adana-Mersin Main Line. The railway infrastructure within the Port of Mersin is one of the best in Turkey with Derince.[citation needed] There are 4 railway ramps.[citation needed] Containers can be handled without any need of shunting.[citation needed] 5 of the berths has railway connection, where loading/unloading to/from vessels can be done directly.[1][citation needed]

The port has bulk cargo, container, Ro-Ro and oil terminals. [2][dead link]


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Rail Lines in the Port of Mersin
Adana - Mersin Main Line
Oil Depot
Oil Refinery
Oil Refinery
Container Depot
Rail Yard
Train Ferry Berth
Dry Bulk Depot
Container Terminal Berths 9, 10, 11
Container Terminal
Container Terminal Berths 2, 3
Mersin Railway Station