Port of Midia

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Port of Midia
Country Romania
Location Constanţa County
Owned by Compania Naționalǎ Administrația Porturilor Maritime Constanța
Type of harbor Natural/Artificial
Size of harbor 6 square kilometres
Land area 2.34 square kilometres
Size 834 acres (8.34 square kilometres)
Available berths 14
General manager Constantin Matei
Annual cargo tonnage 2,099,000 tonnes[1] (2006)

The Port of Midia is located on the Black Sea coastline, approx 13.5 NM north of Constanţa.

It is one of the satellite ports of Constanța and was designed and built to serve the adjacent industrial and petrochemical facilities.

The north and south breakwaters have a total length of 6,97 km. The port covers 834 ha of which 234 ha is land and 600 ha is water. There are 14 berths (11 operational berths, 3 berths belong to the Constanța Shipyard) with a total length of 2,24 km.

Further to dredging operations performed the port depths are increased to 9 m at crude oil discharging berths 1-4, allowing access to tankers having an 8.5 m maximum draught and 20,000 DWT.

The Port of Midia is mainly used for the supply of crude oil for the nearby Petromidia Refinery.


Coordinates: 44°20′12″N 28°40′19″E / 44.3367°N 28.6720°E / 44.3367; 28.6720