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Coordinates: 22°58′N 70°27′E / 22.967°N 70.450°E / 22.967; 70.450 Navlakhi Port is an all-weather lighterage non-major intermediate port. It is situated on the southwest end of the Gulf of Kutch in Hansthal Creek. The Port is about 45 km from Morbi and 160 km from Kandla. Navigation is permitted only during daylight hours; boats use channel buoys for navigation. The port unloads 8,000 to 9,000 MT of coal per day. It is governed by the Gujarat Maritime Board. The nearest airports are Rajkot (120 km) and Jamnagar (135 km).


Free Pratique[edit]

In normal case it is issued by the Customs Boarding Officer. But in the case of vessels arriving from a yellow fever-affected area within 30 days, then the Port Health Officer of Kandla will issue the same.


  • VHF Channel - 16, 14 & 12
  • Call Sign - VVK


Pilotage is not compulsory, but on account of the position of the creek, pilotage is necessary from the outer Tuna Buoy to the normal working anchorage. The port provides a local guide.

The Pilot Boarding station is about 17.5 nautical miles (32.4 km) away from the Port, at 22deg.7’North, 70deg.07’East.

Meteorological Data[edit]

  • Maximum Temperature - 36 °C
  • Minimum Temperature - 16 °C
  • Average rainfall- 25 cm
  • Mean High water Springs - 7.21m
  • Mean High water Neaps - 6.16m
  • Mean Low Water Neaps - 2.14m
  • Mean Low water Springs - 0.78m
  • Mean Lower Low water Spring - 0.37m
  • Average Wind Speed - 10 to 20 km/h.
  • Maximum Wind Speed:
    • Monsoons - 25 to 35 km/h west-southwest
    • Fair weather - 20 km/h north-northeast
  • Rate of siltation - moderate

Water conditions[edit]

  • Water depth at anchorage - 12.00m
  • Water depth at low
  • Water at berth - 2.00m
  • Water current at anchorage - 3 nauticals

Port details[edit]


The Outer anchorage is situated about 5 miles (8.0 km) South-South-West of Tuna Buoy, where the water depth is about 15m. The outer anchorage is about 25 nautical miles (46 km) from the port. The Inner anchorage is about 5 nautical miles (9.3 km) from the Port. Water depth is 8.9m.


The port is well connected with State Highway SH-24. The jetty has a broad gauge rail link connection. Morbi is 50 km away and Maliya 55 km away on National Highway NH-8A. The nearest urban center, Morbi, is about 50 km away from the port. The nearest airport, Rajkot, is about 100 km away from the port.


The port is open 24 hours per day. The Port has open space for the storage of Bulk cargo in open.

Method of handling Cargo[edit]

Cargo is handled with help of ship’s cranes/grabs and payloaders/excavators.


  • GMB R.C.C. Jetty of 163 m long & 25 m width having depth of water available as 4.5 m and capacity of jetty to receive up to 3000 DWT capacity vessels.
  • M/s Shreeji Shipping Pvt. Ltd.: 165m long, 25m wide, draft of 4m.
  • M/s United Shippers Ltd: 102m long, 12m wide, draft of 2m.
  • M/s Jaydeep Associates: 75m long, 12m wide, draft of 3m.