Port of Payra

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Port of Payra
LocationKalapara, Patuakhali
Coordinates21°59′20″N 90°16′45″E / 21.9890°N 90.2792°E / 21.9890; 90.2792Coordinates: 21°59′20″N 90°16′45″E / 21.9890°N 90.2792°E / 21.9890; 90.2792
Opened13 August 2016 (2016-08-13)
Owned byPayra Port Authority
Draft depth16 meters
Annual revenueIncreaseUS$32 million (2019)

The Port of Payra is a seaport at Kalapara in Patuakhali in southern Bangladesh. It was established by an Act of Parliament in 2013. The port was officially inaugurated in 2016. It is located on the Ramnabad Channel near the Bay of Bengal.[2] The port is undergoing expansion and the project is expected to be completed in 2021.[3]


The port was established after demands for a seaport in the coastal Barisal Division. Bangladeshi officials have stated that a deep water port has been planned in the area which will serve southern Bangladesh, as well as neighboring countries like Nepal and Bhutan. Under Long Term Plan, by 2023 the port would be fully operational with a 16 m channel where minimum 10 km container & other terminals with all other associated facilities like establishing EEZ, Airport, Port city, Dockyard/Shipyard, Echo Tourism etc centring to the port. The Port authority has taken a mega budget estimate under the Long-term plan by phases to complete the envisioned infrastructural facilities and make the port fully operational by 2015.

As of 2017, Payra was primarily a governmental route for import and export.[4]

The Payra Port Authority is an autonomous agency which is responsible for the management of the seaport of Payra.[5]


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